Replacement Policy

Lastly Updated: 23/11/2023

Under what circumstances can a replacement be requested?

To qualify for a replacement, the item must fall within the return window and be available in stock with the same seller in the exact same variant. The replacement order will be dispatched using standard shipping once the original order has been returned. Replacements can be sought if any of the following conditions are met:

  1. The received item is physically damaged.
  2. The received item is lacking essential parts or accessories.
  3. The received item differs from its description on the product detail page on
  4. The received item is defective or does not function properly.

Note:  Terms and Conditions applied for product replacement.

1. Eligibility for Replacement:

  • Products eligible for replacement must be in their original condition when recieved.
  • Broken or damaged products will not be considered for replacement, if the damage to the product is done by customer side.
  • A replacement cannot be created for an item which was returned and replaced once earlier.

2. Packaging Requirements:

  • The product's original packaging must be intact and in its original state.
  • Any alterations to the packaging may render the product ineligible for replacement.
  • Replacement requires the customer to present the product's invoice as a proof of purchase, ensuring adherence to the replacement policy and facilitating a smooth transaction process. 

3. Reporting Damaged Products:

  • Customers must report any damage or breakage immediately upon receiving the product.
  • To initiate the replacement process, customers must provide proof of the damage and cooperate with the seller's requests for verification.

4. Warranty Period:

  • Replacement requests will only be entertained within the specified warranty period.
  • After the warranty period expires, no replacements will be offered.

5. Inspection and Verification:

  • Replacement will be contingent upon a thorough inspection of the product by authorized personnel.
  • Only products found to be genuinely defective or damaged will qualify for replacement.

6. Working Condition:

  • If the product is found to be in proper working condition during the inspection, no replacement will be facilitated.

7. Intentional Damage:

  • Replacement will not be provided for products that have been intentionally damaged or misused.
  • Intentional damage is considered a violation of the replacement policy and disqualifies the product from eligibility.

8. Reason for Replacement:

  • Customers are required to submit a valid reason for seeking a replacement.
  • The reason provided will be evaluated based on the terms outlined in this policy, and replacements will only be approved for valid reasons.

9. Shipping Fees:

  • Customers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping fees in replacement policy .