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Introducing Our Electronics Line

At GPITECH, we are committed to innovation and excellence across all our ventures. As part of our diverse portfolio, we proudly present HY Brand, our dedicated subsidiary focused on delivering high-quality electronics. Read more

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As our partnership grows, unlock volume-based discounts and preferential terms.

 Planning & Implementation

Diverse Reach

Founded in 1991, General Procurement stands as a seasoned industry leader with a robust global presence. Its subsidiary, GPITECH, established in 2021, inherits the wealth of experience and benefits from a multinational chain of distribution centers. With OEM capabilities, GPITECH strategically expands its footprint, delivering quality products and services to diverse markets in India.


From wholesalers to end users, GPITECH provides smart technology solutions by offering high-quality products at various price points. Above all, we conduct ourselves with equal measures of integrity, honesty and transparency.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to ethical business practices and sustainable operations. We prioritize fair labor practices, environmentally friendly sourcing, and transparent supply chains. GPITECH adhere to industry regulations, promote product quality, and strive for positive social impact, fostering a responsible and trustworthy business ecosystem.